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Please note we only Deliver to the following areas of Bradford and Halifax:-

Queensbury, Clayton, Wibsey, Odsal, Low Moor, Wyke, Ovenden, Illingworth, Bradshaw, Northowram, Southowram, Hipperholme, Shelf, Lightcliffe, Buttershaw, Claremont, Boothtown.

Remember the good old days of daily delivery from your local milkman ?

We have been delivering fresh milk to homes for over 10 years and our customer base is growing. We offer:-

Daily delivery of milk fresh from the dairy.

It’s no more expensive than a trip to the supermarket and we deliver direct to your home.

Call us on 01274 880163 or 07887 898079 and take out a one month, no obligation trial.

We deliver to homes and businesses in many areas of West Yorkshire

Fresh Produce in Bradford Milk and Produce Local Business

We supply the freshest milk and produce straight from local suppliers and deliver it fresh to your home or business.

Order online or via phone or email.

We have been delivering fresh milk to Bradford for over 10 years and if you are looking for a Milkman in Bradford we can help.

We are a local business supplying locally sourced products to homes and businesses.

We have been trading for over 10 years and our customers love us.

See our online shop…..

We have been delivering fresh produce to homes and businesses throughout Bradford for Over 10 years.

Fresh Milk in Bradford Milk online Online  Store

We strongly believe in local businesses supporting the local community.

In over 10 years of trading, we have never missed a daily delivery. No matter how much snow or how much traffic, we will make sure your products are there when you need them.

If you are not sure whether you want us to deliver to your home in the long term ,simply take our one month trial.

Support Milkmen in Illingworth support-your-local-bradford-milkman

We are proud to be supporters of the campaign to encourage local trade in the West Yorkshire area.

Call us now or check our online shop for fresh milk delivering to your home or business. We will never let you down and our products are first class.